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Centre for Urban and
Community Studies
University of Toronto
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5S 2G8

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The First CUCS Research Publications, 1968

The research paper series was initiated with several purposes in mind.

First, the newly established Centre needed a formal outlet for the results flowing from its first major research project - the Bell Telephone sponsored study on the urban futures of Central Canada (southern Ontario and southern Quebec). Bell was particularly interested in improving its ability to forecast where future urban development would take place between 1966 and 2001 as a basis for its decisions on where to add infrastructure capacity. It was an ideal project for the Centre in that it provided both substantial resources and student support, and the flexibility to pursue research avenues that the project coordinators rather than the company thought were important.

Second, the research paper format permitted the rapid release and inexpensive dissemination of research results. The turnaround time for journal articles, and certainly for books, was considered too long. Three edited books based on the Bell project were subsequently published, but only some years later.

Third, the research series provided an immediate publication outlet for graduate student research on the project; many of these students have gone on to distinguished careers in academic and professional fields.

And fourth, the numbered release of papers in a recognized series facilitated the ordering, classification and tracking of otherwise disconnected research reports by libraries and other depositories. - Larry S. Bourne, 2004

CUCS Research Paper Series

Urban Development in Ontario and Quebec: Outline and Overview
L. S. Bourne and A. M. Baker
September 1968.
click here for PDF

Behavior of the Ontario - Quebec Urban System:
City-Size Regularities

J. B. Davies and L. S. Bourne
September 1968.
click here for PDF

Structural Characteristics of the Ontario - Quebec Urban System
T. Bunting and A. M. Baker
September 1968.
click here for PDF

Growth Characteristics of the Ontario - Quebec Urban System
S. Golant and L.S. Bourne
September 1968.
click here for PDF

Trends in Urban Redevelopment
L. S. Bourne
August 1968.
click here for PDF

Flows in the Urban System
J. W. Simmons
November, 1968

Farm Numbers in Ontario and Quebec: Analyses and Preliminary Forecasts
E. B. MacDougull
September 1968

Trend Surface Analysis of Farm Size Patterns in Ontario and Quebec 1951-1961
G. T. McDonald
September 1968.

Comparisons of Structure and Growth of Urban Areas in Canada and U.S.A.
Gerald Hodge
February 1969.
click here for PDF

Land Use Structure and City Size: An Ontario Example
C. A. Maher and L. S. Bourne
January, 1969.


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