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Centre for Urban and
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University of Toronto
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Housing Information Gateway

The president of Research Committee 43 on Housing and the Built Environment, Professor Willem van Vliet–, is editor of the Housing Encyclopedia and helps maintain the Housing Information Gateway.

The Encyclopedia of Housing
The Encyclopedia of Housing responds to the need for integration among the many disciplines engaged in housing research. Its contributors represent more than a dozen disciplines and work in widely different settings: a range of academic departments, a variety of public agencies at the federal and local levels, nonprofit organizations, and several private firms. This broad spectrum results from a deliberate decision to cast a wide net in order to capture the diversity and scope of housing.

Housing Information Gateway
This site serves as a gateway, providing information on and links to housing resources on the Internet. It is an elaboration of The Encyclopedia of Housing which offers essays on issues ranging from Abandonment to Zoning.

Directory of Housing Researchers and Practitioners
This directory contains address information for housing researchers, practitioners and others interested in housing. It can be searched by name or keywords describing expertise and interests.

Housing Bibliography
This database contains references to books, reports, and articles concerned with housing.

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