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Centre for Urban and
Community Studies
University of Toronto
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5S 2G8

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Conference Theme

"We reaffirm our commitment to the full and progressive realization of the right to adequate housing as provided for in international instruments. To that end, we shall seek the active participation of our public, private and non-governmental partners at all levels to ensure legal security of tenure, protection from discrimination and equal access to affordable, adequate housing for all persons and their families."
from Istanbul Declaration on Human Settlements, 1996.

"Current rates of population growth and urban-rural migration, particularly in developing countries, have serious impacts on living conditions in human settlements. By the beginning of the third millennium, it is estimated that 1.1 billion people live in inadequate housing conditions in urban areas alone. In many cities of developing countries, more than half of the population live in informal settlements, without security of tenure and in conditions that can be described as life and health threatening. Among an estimated 100 million homeless people around the world, available data suggest that increasing proportions are women and children."

from United Nations Housing Rights Program

"With a low national vacancy rate, the country’s largest urban centers are losing affordable rental units at an alarming rate. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s annual rental market survey shows rents also increasing, creating less available and affordable low-cost rental housing in larger urban areas. The situation particularly affects the working poor and low-to-middle income earners. Every day, hundreds more families face eviction and homelessness."
from Final Report, Prime Minister’s Caucus Task Force on Urban Issues, Ottawa, Canada, 2002

As indicated by the quotations from the United Nations Housing Rights Program and the Final Report of the Canadian Prime Minister’s Caucus Task Force Report on Urban Issues, concerns about the availability of adequate and affordable housing span the globe. It is now seven years since the Istanbul Declaration on Human Settlements concerning the right to adequate housing and it is appropriate to evaluate the progress that has been made in securing "legal security of tenure, protection from discrimination, and equal access to affordable and adequate housing for all persons and their families."

Under the broad theme of "adequate and affordable housing for all," the Research Committee on Housing and the Built Environment invites researchers, policy makers, and practitioners to meet in Toronto to share and discuss their recent research and experience.

The list of themes is designed to be inclusive. Housing research and policy analysis draws on many disciplines. Housing practitioners have diverse educational backgrounds and experience. To make progress on adequately housing all people requires a knowledge of the macro context in which housing is located as well as the ability to make specific contributions at the community, group and individual household levels.

The conference themes include:

Demographic, political, economic, and social trends affecting housing outcomes and housing policy at the local, national, and international levels

Comparative and historical analysis of housing systems and policies in developed and developing nations and economies in transition

Poverty, homelessness, social welfare, the human right to housing, the Habitat agenda, NGOs & CBOs

Residential mobility, discrimination, segregation, social exclusion and spatial polarization

Social housing policy, programs, and management

Neighbourhood revitalization, community development initiatives, residential land issues

Household and lifestyle trends, the search for "home" and "community," housing and health

Housing design, sustainable housing

Housing markets, private-sector investment, tax policies, partnerships, international investment, multi-lateral institutions, globalization, neo-liberalism

Theoretical and conceptual framing of housing issues and debates; methodological issues; progress in housing research

Conference Theme
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