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Centre for Urban and
Community Studies
University of Toronto
455 Spadina Ave.
Suite 400
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5S 2G8

(416) 978-2072
(416) 978-7162

Community / University Research Partnerships Unit

“Academics have a habit of crawling along the frontiers of knowledge with a magnifying glass, blind to the wide vistas opening up before them, and often reducing the most engaging subjects to tedious debates about methodology. By looking at the big picture, populists restore the excitement of intellectual life.” – The Economist, March 14, 2002

The Community / University Research unit promotes the exchange of knowledge between the university and community agencies and associations. "Community" refers to civil society organizations such as non-profit groups, social agencies, community organizations, or coalitions. CURP represents the University of Toronto’s contribution to applied scholarship on the practical problems and policy issues associated with urban living, particularly poverty, housing, homelessness, social welfare, and social justice issues.

CURP’s overall goals are: (1) to help define socially important and policy-relevant research agendas; (2) to link researchers and identified research needs; (3) to seek research funding sources that include, but also go beyond, the traditional academic sources; and (4) to develop new ways to communicate and disseminate research findings.

CURP encourages information-sharing and collaboration between community organizations or agencies and academic researchers in designing high-quality applied research projects on urban and community issues by:

Identifying current research needs from the community and communicating that information to researchers.

Connecting university-based researchers with community-based research needs by developing partnerships both to secure funding and to carry out the research, especially but not exclusively for participatory research projects.

Making connections with community agencies or organizations when university-based researchers doing community-driven research require community partners in order to apply to a particular funding body.

Planning and hosting community forums, workshops, and other events in collaboration with community-based organizations.

Identifying opportunities to inform current public policy discussions with the results of high-quality applied research projects.

Helping university-based researchers and civil society organizations develop, document, and assess models of research, education, collaboration, and action that can be adapted for use in the community context.

Research Dissemination

CURP seeks to develop improved methods for effectively disseminating and making use of research findings. These include:

Increasing the visibility of research findings among relevant organizations, professionals, journalists, students, and the general public through the popular media.

Helping university-based researchers make their research findings available in non-technical language.

Identifying and disseminating research and other materials developed by community groups to university-based researchers.

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EVENTS hosted by the Community / University Research Partnerships Unit

Rent Regulation and Tenant Protection Forum, November 2003

Seminar on Strategic Lobbying for Social Policy, October 2003

Election Night in Toronto: Series of 10 Seminars on the Issues, Fall 2003

CUCS Affordable Housing Forum, June 2003

CUCS hosts National Aboriginal Housing Conference, April 2003

Seminar on Social and Economic Rights, March 2003