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Centre for Urban and
Community Studies
University of Toronto
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Suite 400
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5S 2G8

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Urban Affairs e-Library

Urban Issues: Global
Urban Issues: Canada
Urban Issues: Toronto
Urban Diversity and Immigration
Aboriginal Housing and Urban Issues
Affordable Housing
Homelessness and Poverty
Community Development

Urban Issues: Global

The World Distribution of Household Wealth
OECD, Net Social Expenditure Ranking
WHO, Health of Urban Slum Dwellers
World Urban Areas, Population Rankings
NYT, Spend $150B per Year - End World Poverty, 2004
UN, World Urbanization Trends: Data & Highlights, 2004
UN Habitat, Rental Housing: Essential for the Urban Poor, 2003
UNV, Volunteerism and Urban Development, 2003
UNDP, Global Goals, The UN Experience, 2003
UN, UN-Habitat Strategic Vision, 2003
UNDP, Millennium Development Goals Fact Sheet, 2003
World Bank, Fostering Community-Driven Development, 2003
UN, Local Capacity Development, City-to-City Cooperation, 2003
EU, Social Housing's Role in Sustainable Urban Dev., 2002
IIED, Myths that Distort Global Urban Policy, 2002
IIED, Reducing Urban Poverty, 2002
UN Habitat, Towards Women-Friendly Cities, 2002
World Bank, On the Urbanization of Poverty, 2001

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Urban Issues:  Canada

Conference Board, Successful Cities
CPRN, Urban Agenda in Transition
Statistics Canada, Wealth Survey
CCPA, Attitudes on Income Inequality
TD Economics, Canada's Public Infrastructure Gap, 2004
CCPA, More than Money: The New Deal for Cities, 2004
CCPA, Squandering Canada's Surplus: Scarcity by Design, 2004
CCPA, Paul Martin's Permanent Revolution, 2004
CPRN, Creative Cities Policy Backgrounder, 2004
Sewell, A New City Agenda, 2004
FCM, Quality of Life in Cdn. Municipalities, 2004
CPRN, Place Matters: A New Urban Policy Paradigm, 2004
Maxwell, The Social Role of Government, 2003
Suzuki Foundation, Understanding Sprawl: A Citizen's Guide, 2003
CPRN, Cities and Communities that Work: Innovative Practices, 2003
CHRA, Health and Housing Symposium, 2003
VIF, Neighbourhoods Matter for Child Development, 2003
ICP, Ontario's Urban Prosperity Gap, 2003
CPRN, Sustainable Cities, 2003
IRPP, Getting Things Done in the Federalism, 2003
IRPP, Federalism: Lessons from the Social Union Agreement, 2003
CPRN, Neighbourhoods and Well-being of Children, 2003
TD Economics, Canada's Standard of Living, 2002
Berridge, Cities in the New Canada, 2002
FCM, Municipal Government in Canada, US and Europe, 2002
Slack, Municipal Finance & Patterns of Urban Growth, 2002
Paul Martin Speech, Federation of Cdn. Municipalities, 2002
CUCS, Can Canada Afford to Help Cities & End Homelessness? 2002
Prime Minister's Task Force on Urban Issues, Final Report, 2002
CPRN, Federal Role in Canada's Cities, Issues & Proposals, 2002
Prime Minister's Task Force on Urban Issues, Interim Report, 2002
TD Economics, Investing in Canada's Cities, 2002
CPRN, Why Cities Matter: Policy Research, 2002
CPRN, Urban Aboriginal Communities, 2002
CPRN, Cities, Childcare and Governments, 2002
Gertler, Urban Canada: People, Capital and Ideas, 2001
CPRN, Quality of Life in Canada: Report Card, 2001
StatsCan, Neighbourhood Inequality in Canadian Cities, 2000

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Urban Issues:  Toronto

TCF, Toronto's Vital Signs, 2004
CSPC, The Status of Young Families in Toronto, 2004
CSPC, Homelessness in Toronto: Literature Review, 2004
CSPC, Social Infrastructure & Vulnerable Communities, 2003
CSPC, A Profile of Food Bank Users, 2003
TCF, Vital Signs: The Vitality of the GTA, 2003
StatsCan, Residential Segregation in Toronto, 2003
TCSA, Action Plan for the Toronto Region, 2003
TD Economics, Toronto Area in Need of Repairs, 2002
Toronto Board of Trade, Strong City, Strong Nation, 2002
CCPA, Toronto's Revenue Crisis, 2001
BOT, Solutions to Homelessness: A Business Perspective, 2000

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Urban Diversity and Immigration

IRPP, Visible-Minority Vote Dilution
Statistics Canada, Decline in Immigrant Homeownership, 2005
Brookings, Economic Segregation in US Suburbs, 2004
OHRC, The Human Cost of Racial Profiling, 2003
StatsCan, Visible Minority Neighbourhood Enclaves, 2003
PCERII, Canada's Discourse on Immigrant Integration, 2003
Maytree, Integrating Immigrant Skills, 2002
CPRN, Immigration, Diversity & Canada's Cities, 2002
INHP, Homelessness among Toronto's Immigrants, 2002
Maytree, Immigrant Settlement Issues in Toronto, 2002

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Aboriginal Housing and Urban Issues

Carter, Issues & Needs of Aboriginal People, 2004
NAFC, The Health of Urban Aboriginal Peoples, 2004
CPRN, Aboriginal People: A New Social Model. 2004
CPRN, Aboriginal Policy: Lessons from Abroad, 2004
Canada, Urban Aboriginal Peoples, 2003
Auditor General, First Nations Housing on Reserve, 2003
Whitney, Standard of Living of Aboriginal People, 2002
VIF, Aboriginal Family Trends, 2002
UNN, Aboriginal Governance in Urban Settings, 2002
CPRN, Aboriginal Communities and Urban Sustainability, 2002
UNNS, Aboriginal Homelessness in BC, 2001
DIAND, On-Reserve Housing Policy Impact Assessment, 2000
DIAND, Successful Housing in First Nation Communities, 2000
NAHA, Aboriginal Housing in Canada, 1999

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Affordable Housing

Wellesley & NHHN, National Housing Report Card
FCM, National Housing and Homelessness Action Plan
FCM, Trends and Issues in Housing & Homelessness
Statistics Canada, Dynamics of Housing Affordability
Toronto, Unlocking the Potential of Social Housing Communities
Caledon, Building Assets through Home Ownership
California, Inclusionary Housing Policies
Hulchanski, Rethinking the Housing Affordability Challenge, 2005
TDRC, Time to Re-build Ontario's Housing Programs, 2005
Toronto, Mayor's Housing Summit: Highlights, 2004
ONPHA, Ontario's Affordable Housing Strategy, 2004
Ontario, Key Questions on Affordable Housing Strategy, 2004
CHRA, Towards a National Housing Trust, 2004
Toronto, Rental Housing Evictions Study, 2004
Toronto, Non-Profit Housing Evictions Study, 2004
Toronto, Co-op Housing Evictions Study, 2004
CPRN, Why Housing Affordability Matters, 2004
Vakili-Zad, Public Housing Evictions & Homelessness, 2004
CCPA, Social Housing Funding in B.C., 2004
CHRA, National Housing Symposium Summary, 2004
UK, International Trends in Housing Tenure & Finance, 2004
Carter, Housing is Good Social Policy, 2004
NHHN, Housing Demands for Fed. Budget, Nov. 04, 2004
FCM, Refining the National Affordable Housing Strategy, 2004
TD Economics, Rental Housing Market Outlook, 2004
Jackson, Why the Housing System Matters to All Canadians, 2004
CMHC, Canadian Housing Observer, 2004
CCPA, Social Housing Funding in BC, 2004
CMHA, Housing, Health and Mental Health, 2004
CHRANZ, Housing Options for Older People in NZ, 2004
NZ, Towards a New Zealand Housing Strategy, 2004
COHRE, Housing Rights in Australia, 2004
CIHI, Housing & Population Health: State of Knowledge, 2004
ONPHA, Where's Home? Housing Need in Ontario, 2004
Hamilton, Ontario, A Housing Strategy, 2004
NHHN, New Housing Policy Report Card, February 23, 2004
WHAT, Housing Realities for Women with Disabilities, 2004
Don Drummond (TD Bank), Housing Affordability, 2003
CHF, Developing Co-op Housing in Ontario, 2003
Mayors Conf., US Hunger & Homelessness Survey, 2003
HPD, Nonequity Housing Models in Canada, 2003
HPD, Impact of Assisted Housing on Neighbourhoods, 2003
GLA, Housing Market Failure in London UK, 2003
GLA, Housing for a Compact City, 2003
Brookings, Rethinking Local Affordable Housing Strategies, 2003
Harvard, State of the Nation's Housing (USA), 2003
NRC, Affordable Rental Housing (USA), 2003
IIR, What Factors Shape Canadian Housing Policy? 2003
CSPC, Housing Affordability in B.C.'s Capital Region, 2003
TD Economics, Affordable Housing in Canada, 2003
Toronto Board of Trade, Affordable Housing Solutions, 2003
CCPA, Ontario's Housing Crisis, 2003
TF, Housing Co-ops: Literature Review (USA), 2003
Statistics Canada, Housing: An Income Issue, 2002
Hulchanski, Housing Affordability in Ontario, 2002
Shapcott, Housing: A Nation-wide Crisis, 2002
EU, Social Housing's Role in Sustainable Urban Dev., 2002
UN, Role of Co-op Housing Sector in Development, 2002
CPRN, Housing Policy for Tomorrow's Cities, 2002
Caledon, An Affordable Housing Strategy for Canada, 2001  
CPRN, Housing Affordability:  A Children's Issue, 2001
Caledon, Social Housing and Social Policy in Quebec, 2001 
GLA, Report of London UK Mayor's Housing Commission, 2000
FCM, Towards a National Housing Strategy, 2000
UNDP Development Report, Housing Rights, 2000
ULI, Housing in the 21st Century, Symposium (USA), 1999
Atkinson (Frances Bula), No Place Like Home, 1998

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Homelessness and Poverty

ONPHA, Poverty Reduction through Housing
Campaign 2000, Poverty Reduction Strategy for Ontario
Ross, Supportive Housing with Civic Engagement
Novac et al., Young Homeless Mothers and Child Custody
Blueprint to End Homelessness in Toronto
Cdn. Medical Assoc., Sheltering the Homeless
Street Health, Homeless People with Disabilities
Lit. Rev., Homelessness and Teen Pregnancy
Wellesley, Counting Homeless People in Toronto
Wellesley, Housing and Homelessness, 20-year review
Ottawa, Report Card on Homelessness
New York, State of the Homeless Report
HUD, Supportive Housing for Homeless People
Arbour, From Charity to Entitlement: Social Rights
NHHN, Homeless Women in Canada
Canada, Housing, Poverty and Exclusion
Conf. Resolution, End Homelessness in Canada
Pollara, Perceptions of Homelessness Poll
NHHN, Women and Homelessness in Canada
HomeComing, Yes in My Backyard: Supportive Housing
Leger Poll, Homelessness in Toronto: Public Attitudes
MOSAIC, Homeless Immigrants & Refugees in Vancouver
Myles, Inequality and Low Income in Canada
TDRC, Count Toronto's Homeless People? 2005
FAFIA, Gender Analysis of Canada's Budgets, 2005
Mendelson, Measuring Child Poverty, Canada, 2005
Toronto, Assisting Homeless People Find Housing, 2005
Review of "Encyclopedia of Homelessness"
Statistics Canada, Urban Low-Income Trends, 1980-2000
Toronto, Homeless Older Adults Research, 2004
Daily Bread, Foodbank Users and Housing, 2004
Vancouver, Shelterless in Vancouver, 2004
Vancouver, Homeless Action Plan Draft, 2004
FCM, Incomes, Shelter and Necessities: Trends Report, 2004
FCM, Risk of Homelessness in Canada's Cities, 2004
Toronto, Review of Homeless Shelter Operations, 2004
Hwang, Homeless People and the Police in Toronto, 2004
NYT, Spend $150B per Year - End World Poverty, 2004
Toronto, From Tent City to Housing, 2004
CAFB, Food Banks, Hunger Count, 2004
Novac et al., Borderlands of Homelessness: Women's Views, revised 2004
Canada, Lessons from the Homelessness Initiative, 2004
Hennessy, Resettlement of Homeless Youth in UK, 2004
CPRN, Canada's New Social Risks, 2004
CCPA, Poverty & Welfare Issues in Canada, 2004
CCPA, BC's New Welfare Policies, 2004
NAPO, Homeless Women in Canada, 2004
StatsCan, Low-Income People in Urban Areas, 1980-2000, 2004
JAMA, Street Youth Mortality in Montreal, 2004
NCW, Welfare Incomes in Canada, 2004
CSPC, The Status of Young Families in Toronto, 2004
CSPC, Homelessness in Toronto: Literature Review, 2004
National Council of Welfare, Income for Living? 2004
United Way, Poverty Neighbourhoods in Toronto, 1981-2001, 2004
CMAJ, Homeless Women in Toronto: Risk of Death, 2004
CMAJ, Providing Health Care for Homeless People, 2004
Vancouver, Homelessness Services, 2003
Greater Vancouver, Homelessness Plan Update, 2003
CERIS, Immigrants and Homelessness in Toronto: Forum, 2003
MJIL, Homelessness - A Human Rights Violation, 2003
Canada, Evaluation of the Homelessness Initiative, 2003
London Housing Foundation, The Future of Homelessness, 2003
CSPC, Social Infrastructure & Vulnerable Communities, 2003
CSPC, A Profile of Food Bank Users, 2003
SCH, Registered Development Savings Plan for
Low-Income Canadians, 2003

SHIP, Plight of Homeless Seniors in B.C., 2003
NHI, NIMBY Opposition to Homeless Shelters, 2003
HomeComing, Yes In My Backyard, 2003
FCM, Falling Behind: Our Growing Income Gap, 2003
City of Toronto, Report Card on Homelessness, 2003
Status of Women, Women and Homelessness
Lankin, Two Solutions to Urban Poverty, 2002
Maxwell, Smart Social Policy: Make Work Pay, 2002
Culhane, New Strategies Target Homelessness in US, 2002
Urban Institute, Preventing Homelessness (event transcript), 2002
Scotland, Homelessness Action Plan, 2002
UK, A Report into Tackling Homelessness, 2002
UK, Handbook of Good Homelessness Strategies, 2002
UK Audit, Responding to the Homelessness Agenda, 2002
Scotland, Guidance on Homelessness Strategies, 2002
FEANTSA, Homelessness Research in the EU, 2002
HPD, Housing Chronically Homeless Women in Toronto, 2002
CPRN, Urban Poverty & Sustainable Communities, 2002
INHP, Homelessness among Toronto's Immigrants, 2002
CUCS, Can Canada Afford to Help Cities & End Homelessness? 2002
CPRN, Quebec's Law Against Poverty and Social Exclusion, 2002
Burt, What Will it Take to End Homelessness? 2001
BC, Homelessness in BC, 2001
BC, Homelessness, Health, Services, Criminal Justice, 2001
BC, Cost of Homelessness, 2001
BC, Homelessness in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, 2001
Anderson, Pathways Through Homelessness, 2001
Queensland, Tackling Homelessness in the UK, 2001
CCSD, Homelessness in Canada, Structural Factors, 2001
CCSD, Homelessness in Canada, Bibliography on Structural Factors, 2001
Quigley, Explaining Homelessness in US Cities, 2001
Waldron, Homelessness and Community, 2000
IDA, Addressing Homelessness: Downtown Partnerships, 2000
NAEH, How to End Homelessness in 10 Years, 2000
TDRC, Homeless-Making Processes and Homeless-Makers, 2000
BOT, Solutions to Homelessness: A Business Perspective, 2000
Novac, Long-term Homeless Women in Canada
Elliot, Structural Determinants of Homelessness, 1991
Library of Parliament, Homelessness, 1999
Novac, An Assessment of Supportive Housing in Toronto
Symposium on Homelessness Research: What Works, 1998
     Demographics & Geography: Estimating Needs
     Special Populations of Homeless Americans
     Giving Voice to Homeless People
     Outreach and Engagement: Street People
     Transitional Housing and Services
     Reconnecting Homeless to the Community
     Rethinking Prevention of Homelessness
Big City Mayors Agenda for Homelessness
Rossi & Wright, The Urban Homeless: A Portrait, 1989
CCSD, Homelessness in Canada
Toronto, Off the Streets: Long Term Housing
SPC, People Without Homes: A Permanent Emergency
Toronto, No Place to Go: Homelessness
Toronto Planning Board, Report on Skid Row
SPC, Report on Homeless and Transient Men

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Community Development

CPRN, The Non-Profit Sector in Canada, 2004
CPRN, The Future of Social Innovation in Canada, 2004
Caillouette, Comm. & Social Economy Movement in Quebec, 2004
CCPA, Aboriginal Involvement in Winnipeg Comm. Dev., 2004
Marcuse, Are Social Forums the Future of Social Movements? 2004
Statistics Canada, Social Engagement Survey, 2004
Rowntree, Participatory Research on Poverty, 2004
OCBCC, Women, Power and Politics, 2003
UNDP, Democratisation: Empowerment at the Grassroots, 2003
OECD, Fostering Gov. Dialogue with Civil Society, 2003
UNDP, Civil Society and Accountability, 2002
UNDP, Empowerment, Participation and the Poor, 2002
UCLA, Neighbourhood Change Theories & Comm. Dev., 2001
HPD, Myth of Social Capital in Comm. Dev., 2001
HPD, Building Capacity for Community Development, 2000
DIP, Development, NGOs & Civil Society, Bibliography, 2000
UI, Civil Society, the Public Sector & Poor Communities, 1999

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