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New Book from CUCS Press

Finding Room

Policy Options for a
Canadian Rental Housing Strategy

"Finding Room is sure to be a standard reference wide-ranging and in-depth an impressive achievement a handsome, logically organized volume written to be accessible and relevant to a variety of readers a resource not only for today but also for years to come."
       Journal of the American Planning Association, Summer 2005

Edited by
J. David Hulchanski
Michael Shapcott

Foreword by
Mayor David Miller
City of Toronto
CUCS Press
September 2004
472 pages
27 chapters
2 dozen authors
appendix, index

C$29.95; US$25.95      ISBN 0-7727-1433-9
Distributed by the University of Toronto Press
Order Direct: 1-800-565-9523

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Contents & Foreword Chapter 1
Book Reviews
Journal of the American Planning Association
Urban Studies (international research journal)
Literary Review of Canada, John Sewell
Finding Room a timely reminder, Toronto Star
A Resource for Change
for community leaders, policy makers, researchers & students
up-to-date information & critical analysis on policy options
a short course on policy options for affordable housing

Finding Room is the first Canadian book to focus solely on the question of how to provide affordable rental housing for very low-income households.

Two dozen authors - from business leaders to university researchers to representatives of the Aboriginal community - address this question.

The contributors offer:
— analyses of the economics of low-rental housing;
— commentary on the relationship between housing and human      rights;
— social perspectives on the lives and health of low-income renters;
— overviews of how the current system developed;
— suggestions for housing innovations;
— recommendations for all levels of government; and
— insights into the roles of public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Finding Room is intended to inform discussions of policy options for affordable housing by providing information and analysis from experts in the topic.

The contributions suggest a growing consensus about the need for certain policy changes, although several controversial areas remain.

The book is a resource for community leaders, policy makers, researchers, and students. It includes a glossary, documents relating to housing rights in Canada, and background on the economic and political context written in non-academic language.

Finding Room is published by the Centre for Urban and Community Studies at the University of Toronto. It is distributed by the University of Toronto Press.

rental housing, affordable housing, homelessness, social housing, poverty, public policy, inequality, right to housing


Part I of the book sets the context by explaining the nature and scope of the problem and issues that an affordable housing policy must address.

In Part II , specific housing needs and policy options are presented by individuals from different backgrounds, representing different organiza tions.

Part III presents specific policy and program advice, for Canada as a whole, and for Canada's largest metropolitan area.

  1. Introduction: Finding Room in Canada's Housing System for All Canadians, J. David Hulchanski and Michael Shapcott
Part I.
  1. Affordable Housing in Canada: In Search of a New Paradigm, Don Drummond, Derek Burleton and Gillian Manning
  2. The Right to Adequate Housing in Canada, Bruce Porter
  3. A Tale of Two Canadas: Homeowners Getting Richer, Renters Getting Poorer, J. David Hulchanski
  4. Housing Affordability: A Children's Issue, Merrill Cooper
  5. Like Falling Off a Cliff: The Incomes of Low-Wage and Social Assistance Recipients, John Stapleton
  6. Housing Discrimination in Canada. Sylvia Novac, Joe Darden, David Hulchanski and Anne-Marie Seguin
  7. Housing Affordability: Immigrant and Refugee Experiences, Robert Murdie
  8. Housing as a Social Determinant of Health, Toba Bryant
  9. Homelessness and Health in Canada, Stephen W. Hwang
  10. How Did We Get Here? The Evolution of Canada's "Exclusionary" Housing System, J. David Hulchanski
  11. Where Are We Going? Recent Federal and Provincial Housing Policy, Michael Shapcott
Part II.
  1. A New Paradigm for Affordable Housing: An Economist's Perspective, Don Drummond
  2. The Business Case for Affordable Housing, Elyse Allan
  3. Should We Build Housing for Low-Income People? Steve Pomeroy
  4. The Municipal Role in a National Housing Policy, Elisabeth Arnold
  5. The Unique Needs of Aboriginal People, Jim Lanigan
  6. A Municipal Perspective on a National Housing Strategy, Greg Suttor
  7. A Wake-Up Call for Non-Profit Housing Providers, Jon Harstone

Part III.

  1. Toward a Comprehensive Affordable Housing Strategy for Canada, Steve Pomeroy
  2. Unlocking the Opportunity for New Rental Housing: A Call to Action, City of Toronto Urban Development Roundtable
  3. Affordable, Available, Achievable: Practical Solutions to Affordable Housing Challenges, The Toronto Board of Trade
  4. Aboriginal Housing in Canada, G. Devine
  5. The Role of the Co-operative Housing Sector, Mark Goldblatt
  6. Affordable Housing Policy in Ontario: The View from the Non-Profit Sector, D. Peters
  7. Ending Homelessness: The One Percent Solution, National Housing and Homelessness Network
  8. Promoting Rental Housing: An International Agenda, Alan Gilbert


  1. Glossary of Housing Terms
  2. An Act to Provide for Adequate, Accessible and Affordable Housing for Canadians
  3. Defining the Right to Adequate Housing
  4. Canada's Record on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
  5. Adequate Shelter: A Fundamental Human Right, by Paul Martin


J. David Hulchanski is director of the Centre for Urban and Community Studies and professor of housing and community development in the Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto. His research and teaching focuses on housing policy, social welfare, community development, and human rights. In the 1980s he was a professor in the School of Community and Regional Planning at the University of British Columbia and Director of the UBC Centre for Human Settlements. He has a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in urban planning and is a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners. In 1997 he was appointed to the only endowed chair in housing studies in North America, the Dr. Chow Yei Ching Chair in Housing.

Michael Shapcott is co-chair and a founding member of the National Housing and Homelessness Network and a founding member of the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee, the Toronto Coalition Against Homelessness, and the Bread Not Circuses Coalition. He is the coordinator of the Community/University Research Partnerships (CURP) program at the Centre for Urban and Community Studies, University of Toronto.

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Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication
Finding room : options for a Canadian rental housing strategy /
edited by J. David Hulchanski and Michael Shapcott.
ISBN 0-7727-1433-9
1. Rental housing--Canada. 2. Housing policy--Canada.
I. Hulchanski, John David II. Shapcott, Michael
III. University of Toronto. Centre for Urban and Community Studies.
HD7288.85.C2F44 2004 363.5'0971 C2004-903000-0




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Contents & Foreword
Chapter 1

About Finding Room
Toronto Star, Oct. 2004

Nine Chapters in
Finding Room
are based on
previous publications

2. Affordable Housing: A New Paradigm
3. The Right to Housing in Canada
4. Homeowners and Renters: Income, Wealth
5. Housing: A Children's Issue

7. Housing Discrimination in Canada
20. A Comprehensive Strategy

21. Toronto Action Plan
22. Practical Solutions
27. Rental Housing: An International Agenda

MP Joe Fontana
Federal Housing
Minister, 2004

Brief Biography
NHHN Report Card, Feb. 2004
Fontana becomes Housing Minister, July 2004
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Back to the Future

Breaking the Logjam

NHHN, How and When, Minister Fontana?
Ottawa's Budget Surplus Game, Nov. 04
NHHN, Housing Demands for Fed. Budget, Nov. 04
Seed Funding for Affordable Housing, Nov. 04
NHHN Report Card, Nov. 2004
Fed-Prov Housing Ministers Meeting, Gatineau, Nov. 2004
NHHN Report Card, Sept. 2005
Fed-Prov Housing Ministers Meeting, Halifax, Sept. 2005

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